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by | Mar 20, 2013 | Authenticity, Marketing & Selling

Craig DuswaltOne of the pieces of advice Craig Duswalt gives is to establish your brand message … including your clothes. In other words, the way you dress should be just as much an expression of your brand as your website, business card and logo. Craig is a good example of this. He doesn’t show up to his speaking engagements in a three-piece suit. He shows up looking like a Rockstar … an expression of his brand.

Another person who does this well in Mari Smith. Her brand color is turquoise, and you rarely see her wearing another color when she is speaking.

Craig Duswalt, Shoestring Budget CoachCreative entrepreneurs have a unique expertise in “walking their talk” in this way. You are innately creative by nature (Craig is a great example), so dressing in clothes that are an expression of that creativity should come naturally. However, many of you get caught up in the idea that to be successful, you have to dress like a corporate employee. Craig loves to show off his temporary fall in that trap!

The key to walking your talk as a creative entrepreneur is to dress in a way that is authentic to you, your personality and your brand. Don’t wear clothes because you think you “should” be wearing them. Wear clothes because you feel great when you wear them! For example, I like to describe my personal style as “bohemian gypsy meets the girl next door” because I like a lot of gypsy like clothes (mostly inspired by my bellydance days), but I also fancy cardigan sweaters and almost-YUPpie collared shirts.

commentNow its your turn: How do you “walk your talk”? How have you included your wardrobe in your branding? How does your wardrobe authentically express you, your personality and your brand? Or not? Do you have dreams clothes you want in your wardrobe but haven’t gotten yet? (I’d love to get a pair of low-heeled granny boots!) What’s stopping you from dressing to your authentic self?

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  1. Jonnie Fox Flanagan

    Great article Ms. Spence. I dress in what I like to call “conservative feminine” or “business feminine” for many of my client meetings but I also like the classic sleeveless tank (popular in SoCal weather) in a variety of solid colors (red/power, tangerine/spring, black/classic, blue/versatile/cool/calm, etc.) When I speak on business etiquette, I explain that while it is always best to research a job position/interview/client so you know the expected dress preferences (and step it up a notch), one must understand that someone interviewing for a lifeguard position really doesn’t need to show up in a 3-piece suit…while a law clerk best not show up in bermuda shorts and a polo shirt. 🙂


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