Vita-K Challenge: Week One

by | Sep 15, 2013 | Behind the Scenes, Mindset

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I’ve now diligently cleansed my face and applied the Vita-K products twice a day for a week. Here are my observations:

I’ve been feeling better about myself: more confidence, more engaged and more interested in looking nicer overall. Taking care of yourself in one small way opens up avenues of self-care in other ways.

I’ve been receiving more compliments on the way I look … from complete strangers. My theory is that as I feel better about myself, it shows in all sorts of ways and makes me more magnetic. Again, taking care of yourself in one small way has an impact in other ways.

The age spots on my face seem to be fading just a little. Take a look at the photo below. It could be my imagination (or the quality of the photos), but it seems that the age spots on the left side of my face (right side of the picture) are just a tad lighter than they were a week ago. (Click on the picture to see a larger view.)

I’ve experienced a mild break out … and not where I’ve been applying the Vita-K product. I’ve had this happen before. When I haven’t cleaned my face regularly and then I begin to cleanse more regularly … it is like all the gunk in my pores start to get pulled out. This should clear up within a week.

I’m feeling a shift in my relationships to food and exercise. I’m actually pretty good with how and what I eat, and I exercise fairly regularly. But I can sense a shift pulling me toward stepping up my self-care in these areas, as well. I must admit, I’ve let my exercise routine slide the last few months, so this is a good thing.

I’ve started to do facial exercises again. I was doing them regularly a few months ago, but for some reason stopped. I’ve started doing them again, focusing on working out the check muscles so the corners of my lips don’t hang down like I’m frowning when I have a neutral expression.

I’ve attracted some interesting experiences around self-care into my life. Earlier this week, I met one of my neighbors for the first time and we seem to have some common interests. Two things, so far, have come out of this budding relationship:

  1. I got a love seat. I’ve been wanting one because now that I have a boyfriend I would like to be able to sit next to him when we watch TV. I’ve only had one recliner and an Ab-Doer … not a comfortable seating arrangement. However, I’ve been focused on other things and hadn’t done any thing about the furniture. A couple of days ago, she was moving her loveseat into the garage. I asked her about it and the next thing you know, she gave it to me! In exchange, I gave her my recliner. A perfect swap!
  2. haircolor
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    I got a free fancy hair color experience. Yesterday, my neighbor came over and said she had some bleach left over from doing her hair and wanted to know if I would like some highlights. Turns out she’s a professional hair stylist with a specialty in color. She spent three hours working on my hair, weaving auburn, dark brown and blond into my hair. I’m still getting used to it, but I think it looks nice. That was a $250-300 hair color application … for free!

All this has happened and it has only been a week! The shifts and changes I’m experiencing may be subtle, but they are there. I wonder what week two will have in store for me?


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