Types of Online Video for Marketing: The Interview

by | Apr 19, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

video types - interviewJust like with interview style teleseminars, The Interview video can position you as an expert. The one doing the interviewing is often viewed as the one with the power … if done correctly.

What You’ll Need:

A video camera
You can use a flip cam or more high-powered video camera on tripod, if you will be interviewing in person. If you and your interview subject each have web cams, you can do this type of video remotely … just be sure to record both feeds.

Someone to interview
Find an expert that has information your audience will want to know.

A location
Your location could be “in the field,” such as at a conference, it could be “in a studio,” such as your living room, or it could be an office with a fake backdrop. It all depends on the ambiance you want to create for this video.

What To Do:

Now you’ve got all your pieces together, you need to shoot the video. Here are some suggestions for different styles of interview videos.

Man On The Street
This is kind of like guerrilla video. You grab your flip cam and you interview subjects out in the field. These are often created when attending a conference. There will be a lot of background noise, so try to find the quietest part of the corridor you can.

This style of video has a sense of urgency to it, as well as authenticity.

Talk Show Host
Often shot on someone’s patio or in a living room, this type of video can feel more conversational. It features two or more people having a chat with each other about a topic. If your interview subject gets nervous in front of the camera, doing this kind of video can put put him or her at ease.

The Live Feed
You know how on news shows the anchor can interview subjects who are located across the country, and you’ll see their image on a split screen? That’s what I’m talking about here. If you and your interview subject both have web cams, you can create this kind of video. You’ll probably need some additional screen capture software or a decent video editor, but it can be done … and to good effect.

The Guest News Cast
If you’d rather shoot your video in an office like setting, perhaps with a fake backdrop, then this style of video might be right up your alley. The two of you sit at the desk and talk to each other, something like Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

In Conclusion
As the interviewer, you need to put yourself in the place of your audience. You need to ask the kinds of questions they would ask. This will make your video more likely to grab them and keep them watching. It will also endear them to you.


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