Writing Compelling Copy – The Critical 5-Step Editing Stage

by | Apr 18, 2010 | Marketing & Selling, Video

Did you know that editing is just as important in writing compelling copy as the writing? However, some entrepreneurs either skip this critical step or don’t do a thorough job. I’m not talking about proofreading here. You should do that too, but before you do that you need to go through a substantive edit, and here is how you do that.

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Step One: Evaluate the Opening

Is your opening the right opening. Sometimes, it is what you write after your initial opening that needs to be the true lead. Since this is where you’ll hook or lose your reader, pay special attention to this part of your copy.

Step Two: Logical Flow

Read through your copy. Does it flow logically from one point to another? Would it read better if your points were made in a different order? You can lose a reader if your points are made in a haphazard order or make you seem like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Enter the conversation your readers is having in their head and address their concerns in the most likely order they will have them in.

Step Three: Transitions

Now that you have your copy blocks in the right order, do you make logical transitions between them? It may be as simple as adding in a subhead or even a trite phrase like, “Better yet …” or “Surprisingly …”

Step Four: Let it Rest then Reread for Flow

You’ve just spent a lot of time working with the copy. It is highly likely that you’ve gotten so intimate with what is written that you’ll see what should be there, rather than what is really there. Give it a rest … at least 24 hours, more if you can swing it. That way you can re-read the copy with a fresh eye and make sure it still flows well. Read it out loud and you’ll find things that reading silently to yourself won’t find.

Step Five: Proofread

O.K. Now you can proof read the copy. Make sure your grammar is correct, your spelling is right and your “i”‘s are all dotted!

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