Types of Online Video for Marketing: The How To Demonstration

by | Apr 21, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

types of video - demo
Video is an excellent medium for showing people how to do something. Think about all those cooking shows … they are basically how to demonstration videos, with flare.

There are two ways you can do a How To Demonstration video:

  • You can video yourself doing the demonstration.
    This works well for demonstrations that don’t involve software or the computer. For example: cooking, crafts, martial arts, yoga, etc.
  • You can use screen capture software to record your actions on the computer.
    This works well for software demonstrations, but can also be used for anything that involves a lot of action on the computer screen. For example: key word research, editing, software demonstration.

For the How To Demonstration video to be successful, you’ll need to plot out each step in the process. You’ll need to break down how you do something into easy to understand and follow incremental steps. You’ll also need to make sure that your explanatory audio is clear, simple and easy to hear.

Make Your How To Video Stand Out
Do you want to get more views for your How To Demonstration Video? Then give it some flare and personality. Of course, you want it to be useful and actually show someone how to do something. But add in your personality, too. Make the demonstration enjoyable.

Why did Julia Child do so well with her show? Because she let her personality shine. Be yourself and enjoy the shoot!


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