Types of Online Video for Marketing: The Video Article

by | Apr 22, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

types of video - articleI do this type of video all the time and really enjoy doing them. Basically, you take an article you’ve written and create a video of it. There are software programs that will do this for you automatically, but I don’t recommend using them. These automated videos usually sound robotic and have imagery that adds nothing to the meaning of the article.

So how do you turn an article into a video? There are a few ways, but this is how I do it.

Step One: Record yourself reading the article.
I use freeconferencecalling.com because they will let me record even if I’m the only person on the line, like in this case. You could use your computer’s microphone, but I found that added in a bit of echo. I get a much cleaner recording using my telephone’s headset.

Step Two: Edit the recording.
Using Audacity, I edit the audio, deleting ums, ahs and long pauses. If I made a mistake and had to re-read a portion, I can edit the mistake out. Audacity also lets me increase the volume on the whole recording, as well as amplify sections if I spoke too softly.

Step Three: Add music and images.
Next, I import the edited audio into iMovie. You can use whatever video editing software you wish. iMovie lets me add in music, letting it fade in at the beginning and fade out at the end.

I also import images and “slides” I’ve created in Photoshop to go along with the audio. I use Photoshop because I’m able to get a crisper image than I was when I tried using PowerPoint.

Step Four: Export Your Video for Web Streaming
Once you’ve finished creating your video and saved it, you’ll need to export it into a format that will be supported by the web. This exported file will be what you can upload to YouTube, Facebook and any other video hosting website.

There! Following these four steps you’ve been able to transform an article into a video article, which can add yet another traffic source for your website.


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