Power Thought: Wealth is attainable

by | Sep 11, 2013 | Mindset, Power Thoughts

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“Explore what rich means to you, and you may discover that a sense of wealth is more attainable than you thought.”
~ DailyWorth.com

What this quote means for business:
Everyone is different. The way we look is different. The way we see the world is different. Our expectations, hopes and dreams are different. Once person’s wealth is another’s mediocrity.

What does wealth, success and prosperity look like for you? Are you aiming for a mansion beside a lake? Or a condo in the city? Both of those can mean wealth to different people, but the amount of money to attain those goals is very different.

Take a moment to truly explore what wealth looks like for you … but not in terms of how much money you make. Ask yourself these types of questions as you journal about what wealth means to you:

What does your home look like? Do you live in the city, country or suburbs? Is your home large or modest in size? How many bedrooms does it have? How many bathrooms? What does the kitchen look like? Do you have a yard? What does your yard look like? Be as detailed as you can.

For example, my eventual dream home (I’m not ready for it right now) will have a large back yard and sit on the shore of a lake or river. I’ll have a small observatory in the back yard, as well as vegetable garden, rose garden and swimming pool complete with mini-waterfall and grotto. My home will have two stories, a wrap-around deck and there will be evergreens growing nearby. Inside, there will be a home office, a small library (complete with ladders and a spiral staircase a la The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), a large kitchen with island, an Asian tea room and a shower that has a tropical fish tank for one of the walls.

I could go on … in fact, I could show you the plans I’ve drawn up, but that might be a little intense for now.

However, I’m illustrating a point here. When I say explore what wealth looks like for you, I want you to explore it with all your senses: What does is look like? What does it sound like? What does it smell like? What does it feel like, both physically and emotionally?

Then take a step back and ask yourself, how can you start bringing the feeling of that vision into your present? How can you invoke the feelings and sensation of your wealth vision into your life now?

Start with easy things. For example, was there an evocative smell in your dream life? Buy a candle with that scent and light it to remember that sensation. Was there a particular object in your vision that was key? Get that object now! For example, my dream kitchen has a wide array of fun gadgets, so I currently own and ice cream maker, a really nice crock pot and a mixer with a snap on container for the blades. These objects evoke the feeling of my dream kitchen, bringing that over-all sensation into the now.

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Now its your turn
What does wealth feel like for you? Is there something that you can have now that will evoke that feeling? Feelings ignite the Law of Attraction … so when you can live your dreams in a sensory way now, you can magnetize them toward you. Please share your dreams, visions, insights and wisdom in a comment below.


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