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by | May 22, 2009 | Mindset

In this month’s issue of The ART of Business, I shared Donald Trump’s Rules of Success, as imparted by Kristi Frank at Adam Urbanski’s Info Profit Success event in April. Now, I ‘d like to share with you some lessons that Kristi learned from being on the first season of The Apprentice.

Be a Brand
There are a lot of experts sharing this piece of advice. The first that comes to mind is Kim Castle of WhyBrandU. For a really good primer on this topic, I recommend her book of the same name, Why BrandU.

Take into account everything that sell you to others
Kristi was known on the show for using her sexuality to sell lemonade. And many people criticized her for it. However, it worked. She knew what her assets were and used them. Get to know what your assets are. Ask others if you find that difficult. Then use those assets to sell your brand.

Be team centric
“One is the scariest number,” said Frank. And it really is. Business is a team endeavor. You can’t develop, grow and manage a business if you don’t have a team backing you up. Hire people to help you. I employ a team of virtual assistants to help me accomplish some of my business services and, from what I’ve heard, most successful business owners do, too.

The fast shall inherit the profits
It kind of annoys me, but Glenn Deiztel is always saying, “Speed to market!” And its true. Often the first person on the market gets to be the one that is known. Of course, there are exceptions to that rule. Sometimes it is the one that gets it there in the most customer-friendly way. But, the point here is not to sit on your assets … get them out there to your market. Fail as many times as you need to do finally get it right.

Believe it to see it happen
This reminds me of something that Dr. Wayne Dyer says: “You’ve got to believe it to see it.” This is kind of a Law of Attraction thing. But truly, what you believe is much more likely to happen than what you don’t. You often create your own self-fulfilling prophecy with your thoughts because those thoughts create actions. And those actions create the results you see.

The art of the start
You need to plan what you want to create before creating it. What would your ideal lifestyle be like? Now create a business that can make that happen. What benefits would your ideal product or service bestow? Now create a product that produces those benefits. What does your ideal client look, sound, act like? Now create the business that speaks to that ideal client.

Become an apprentice
Everyone needs a mentor. Most, if not all, truly successful people have been mentored and coached to their success. Hire a coach. Enroll a mentor. Heck! Find more than one of each! Model the success of others and soon you will find your unique path to prosperity.


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