Tips from Day 2 of IPS09

by | May 21, 2009 | Marketing & Selling

My notes from the second day of Adam Urbanski’s Info Profit Success event is riddled with little golden nuggets. Let me see if I can make sense of them for you.

Do not use “Submit”
When your autoresponder service generates an opt-in form for you, it will generally use the word “submit” in the action button. Don’t leave it there! This word has some subtle psychological triggers that will work against you. Change it to “Register Now,” “Send my my ebook” or something else that is personalized and relevant to your offer.

If you can get into your prospect’s heart, it is much easier to get into their wallets
This is just another way of saying that a prospect will need to feel like they know you, genuinely like you and have trust in you before they will buy. So, the first step in marketing is to build that relationship.

Social proof through the roof
When you attend live events, get your photo taken with the speakers whenever possible. This aligns you with the movers and shakers and some of their gold dust will rub off onto you. You’ll see that I’ve done that by posing with MaryPat above.

Use Twitter for instant market research
Tweet your question: which do you like better, A or B? You can even use something like twtpoll, which provides a graphical representation of your results.

And here’s one I really liked,
… care of Bob the Teacher: Use “you” and not some form of “you all” when you are recording a teleseminar.
Remember, each person listening to your teleseminar — whether live or recorded – is one person listening alone. Talk to that one person.


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