It’s a Great Month for America!

by | Aug 1, 2009 | Mindset

O.K. I kind of paraphrased that from Craig Ferguson. I’ve been watching his show on Tivo a lot lately. He totally cracks me up!

Anyway, August is my favorite month of the year because it is my birthday month! Yeah me. 🙂

But it is also a pretty good month in general, too.

It is American Artist Appreciation Month. So I’ll give a shout out to my Mom who happens to be a very good American artist. You can see samples of her work at her website:

August 1-7 each year is National Clown Week … good for a laugh or a scare, depending on how you feel about clowns. (I guess Craig could fit in this week, eh?)

The second week of August is Smile Week and the third week of August is Friendship Week. Do you see a trend toward having a good time here?

Aug 1 is Respect for Parents Day, which makes it the perfect day for Marilyn Foreman to be the speaker at the Forgiveness and Emotional Release Telesummit. She talks with host, Kristin Robertson about how forgiveness of yourself, your children and your parents can really help you create a good parent/child relationship. The event helps celebrate Forgiveness Day, which is observed the first Sunday in August each year.

Monday, Aug. 4, is Champagne Day. I used to work in the wine industry for a PR company. My first client was Champagne Deutz, one of the last family owned Champagne houses left in France (at the time). I got to sample their line of sparkling wines … very yummy! I highly recommend them.

There are several days honoring frozen desserts his month: Ice Cream Sandwich Day (Aug. 2), Ice Cream Soda Day (Aug. 2), Root Beer Float Day (Aug. 6), Creamsicle Day (Aug. 14), Soft Ice Cream Day (Aug. 19), Spumoni Ice Cream Day (Aug. 21) and Banana Split Day (Aug 25). I love ice cream and always go in to Baskin Robbins to claim my free Birthday ice cream cone each year.

Some of my favorite people where born in August: Dom DeLuise (Aug. 1), Louis Armstrong (Aug. 4), Alfred Hitchcock (Aug. 13), Steve Martin (Aug. 14), Robert DeNiro (Aug. 17), Snuffleupagus (Aug. 19), Connie Chung (Aug. 20), Ray Bradbury (Aug. 22), Gene Kelly (Aug. 23), Rick Springfield (Aug. 23), Steve Guttenberg (Aug. 24), Sean Connery (Aug. 25), Me (Aug. 26), Confucius (Aug. 27), Mother Teresa (Aug. 27) and Ingrid Bergman (Aug. 29).

I guess what I’m getting at here is, despite the fact that it is currently 109 degrees outside, I can still find a lot of things to be grateful for. And, I’m sure that you do to.


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