Keeping the Balance in Relationship Marketing

by | Jul 31, 2009 | Building Relationships, Marketing & Selling

There seems to be at least one in every large gathering of people: the glom. This is the person who is so needy that just smiling at them turns them into a clingy, glommy, annoyance. This is the person who calls you repeatedly, just to say “Hi.” This is the person that dominates your time whenever you enter the room. This is the person that you’ll take the long route home just to avoid.

And in the relationship marketing world, we’ve got them too.

These are the marketers that make us want to never open up our email box. Maybe they email too often. Maybe they only pitch you products and never offer any useful content. Whatever it is, when you see their name in the “From” column, you cringe and quickly hit delete.

“If your follow-up solicitations get overwhelming, people will switch you off,” says Steve Morrissey, principal with the Motivation Shop in Barrington, Ill. And this is something you need to avoid. The problem is, in relationship marketing, one person’s glom is another person’s BFF. So how do you know when you’ve achieved the right balance between content, offers and timing? Use these tips to find out:

Every list will have a different threshold. There are some lists where you would miss the emails if they didn’t come daily. Others, where weekly is just too often. So, periodically … maybe when you see a sudden increase in “unsubscribes” … send out a survey. Better yet, when a person unsubcribes, send them to a survey and ask them why. Many autoresponder programs will allow you to do this.

Be Upfront.
When someone subscribes to your list, be forthright and let them know how often you plan on sending them emails. It is much better for a person to know what they are getting into than not. And, you’ll get far fewer complaints about spam if people know what to expect.

Don’t Let them Forget You.
Far too often, people will build a list and then never send them follow up messages. You should be “touching” your list with an email, postcard or letter at least once a month, or they will forget about you and either complain when you finally do email them, or worse, go to your competitor when they need the products or services you provide.



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