Famous Continuity Programs … and What They Can Teach You

by | Jul 30, 2010 | Creating Products

continuity programsContinuity programs have been a viable business strategy for a very long time. Here are a couple of the more well known … and what they can teach you about developing a good continuity program.

Utilities Companies
You pay these bills every month and would find yourself hard-pressed to do without these services. I’m talking about services like electricity, gas, water and garbage. These companies provide basic necessities. In today’s world you can’t get by without electricity. Without it, how would you power your computer? Light your office? Heat the water for your morning shower? And, speaking of water … since the human body is made up of 50-70% water, you can’t last too long without it. And again, you would get rather ripe without that daily shower.

What can you learn from the electric company? Offer a product or service that your target market “can’t live without.” Make your continuity program so compelling, that your target market feels, believes or otherwise thinks they can’t live a day without it. Companies like Aweber, Constant Contact and iContact use this idea, offering a service that any Internet marketing can’t live without.

Book of the Month Club
Avid readers love to belong to book of the month clubs. In fact, I was a member of the science fiction book club for many, many years. There are other clubs that offer a similar service, such as cookie, flower or even wine of the month memberships.

What can you learn from the Book of the Month Club? Offer a product or service that supports a passionate interest, hobby or “safe addiction.” Clubs like this fuel habits … such as reading, support a hobby … such as wine collecting, or create a feeling of prestige … such as having fresh flowers to display every month.

Another thing you can learn from the Book of the Month Club and other clubs like it is offer a discount for membership and some sort of exclusivity. Why did I stay a member of the Science Fiction Book club for so many years? Because I could keep my finger on the pulse of new books coming out, and I could get them at a discount.


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