Celebrate You! 2016 Day 20

by | Aug 20, 2016 | 2016 Celebrate You!, Celebrate You!, Mindset

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The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. - Joseph Campbell
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You are AWESOME!

I can’t remember who said it (and am too lazy at the moment to look it up on the Internet), but the quote goes something like this: Be yourself, someone else is already taken.

I’ve said this before countless times, being true to who you are is your best recipe for success and happiness. You are unique and special and the only person even capable of being you. So own it baby! You are AWESOME!

Day 20 Exercise

  1. Catch yourself being Awesome at least once today … and celebrate it well. Then do it again!
  2. Continue to add to your list of what you love about you.

Want Brownie Points? Post something from your list of Awesome in the Facebook Group! And be sure to use the #CelebrateYou hashtag.


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