Do You Fall Into This Trap? Comparing Yourself to Other People

by | Aug 19, 2016 | 2016 Celebrate You!, Celebrate You!, Mindset

If you are human, you have done it. You have compared yourself to other people. And sometimes, your comparison seems to have come up short. The good news is that other people are comparing themselves to you and having the same results.

Do You Fall Into This Trap? Comparing Yourself to Other People
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Comparing yourself to another can have benefits, if you do it correctly. It can be used to motivate growth, inspire self improvement and give us a goal to achieve. However, this activity can also lead to see ourselves as a failure or give us an excuse to give up. People who follow the latter path, have a fixed mindset, whereas people who follow the former path have a growth mindset. Which do you have?

A Fixed Mindset

If we don’t have something to compare ourselves to, you might reason, then how will we learn to achieve and grow? Sometimes, when we compare ourselves to others, we have something to gauge our success and failure with and, therefore, a measure of where we can do better and achieve more.

However, unfortunately, for those with a fixed mindset, this does not occur at all. There is actually a reverse method of thinking. That reverse method tells us, since we are not as good as the other person, we might as well just quit.

Do you ever find yourself viewing someone else’s success as only a way to make yourself look bad? If so, you are not alone in this thought process. For some, the success of others simply highlights their own failures. Excuses are made such as the other person is luckier or has it easy. Even worse, some may use the other person’s success to highlight some other unrelated personal shortcoming.

What if you could re-train your brain to adopt a mindset of growth?

Growth Mindset

On the opposite end of the spectrum is a growth mindset. You can give yourself the opportunity to change and grow over time as you learn to re-train your brain with a growth mindset. When you view someone else’s success as a way to strive harder, do more, and work better, you re-train your brain to view this not as an excuse to stay the same, but as a reason to grow and thrive.

If you choose the mindset that intelligence can be developed, then you can train your brain to reach greater heights. With a developing growth mindset, you will see a radical change in your life. Once you get that your self-image has nothing to do with failing at something and that this failure is actually a path to higher learning, you will be more comfortable in your own skin.

If you change your mindset, you can re-train your brain to view failure as a stepping-stone to new successes. You will begin to understand failure as a learning tool and not as a way to define your image.

So, the next time you want to compare yourself to someone else, stop and ask yourself if that person’s success can be an inspiration for you. Maybe that person put a tremendous amount of effort into the realization of her or his dreams and all that hard work paid off.

Other people’s success can be a way and a means for you to learn, grow and, most importantly, be inspired.


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