Business Blogging for Speakers

by | May 5, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

business blogging for speakers
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The blogging platform can be an incredible boon for speakers. Here are some reasons why:
A blog can showcase what you have to offer.

Do you have video clips of your presentations? Share them on your blog! This is an excellent way to showcase what you have to offer in action. Do you have video clips of people singing your praises? Share the clip with a little story or case study about what you did to help that person.

A blog can highlight your expertise.
Write about your topic and show off your expert knowledge. Better yet, create a podcast instead. That way you are not only showcasing your expertise, but giving visitors a sample of your speaking ability.

A blog can attract your target audience … whether that’s people who need to be in your audience or people who will book you for that audience.
Blogging at least twice a week has not only been proven to increase the traffic to your website, but client acquisition, as well.

A blog can help you develop better presentations.
Have some ideas for your next presentation? Try them out on your blog audience. Survey your readers. Find out what they want to know about your topic.

As a professional speaker, you want to be noticed by those who will book you for your next gig. Having a robust blog can help them find you, as well as give them the information they need to trust that you’ll be a good fit for their event.

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