Branding Tips: Blogging

by | Mar 25, 2011 | Marketing & Selling

Did you know that your blog can be an excellent tool in your branding tool belt? Here are a few tips for using this tool most effectively.

Look & Feel
Your blog should look like an extension of your website. If your website is a WordPress site, this is easy. If not, you should do your best to get your blog designer to follow the design of your main website.

You want to do this because when people come to read your blog, they should know it is yours. For this reason, you want to steer clear of the free hosted sites such as BlogSpot (Blogger) and others. These are great places for personal blogs and to get a taste for blogging, but once you get serious about your business, you want your blog to be on your domain.

You should select a dozen or fewer categories that all your blog posts will fit under. As you post articles under these categories they will show up in your sidebar and act as a table of contents.

Now, when people come to your blog, they can read the table of contents and have a good understanding of what your blog is about.

If you have an older blog, like this one, you can go through your categories and clean them up, consolidating them so that you have no more than a dozen categories in your blog’s table of contents.

Choose your topics well. Make sure that the topics you write about support your brand and your expertise. Remember, what you write about on your blog will be there for potential clients to read. What they read will convince them to join your list and hire you … or not.

Spreading the Word
Automate the proliferation of your blog posts throughout the web as much as possible. Have your posts shared on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. If you have an author page on, connect your blog there, too. If you use WordPress, make use of plugins to automatically ping lots of other websites whenever you publish a post. Basically, make it as easy as possible for folks to find your content and therefore find you!


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