Branding Tips: Books and Ebooks

by | Mar 23, 2011 | Marketing & Selling

branding with booksOne way you can spread the word about your brand is to publish books and ebooks. There are many ways you can do that … from the imagery on your cover to the content between. Here are some tips on how you can make your books and ebooks an extension of your brand and do it effectively.

The Front Cover
Are you the expert and the main focus of your brand? Make sure that your mug is on the front cover. Here are just a few examples of books where the author has done just that.

book covers

When you put your photo on the cover of your book, it helps establish you as a brand. It makes you more recognizable, and it also makes you appear more of an expert.

The Title
Will you be writing a series of books based on your brand? Then make sure your title includes your brand. The Complete Idiot’s Guide series is a brand … so is the “for Dummies” series. What about Jay Conrad Levinson’s series of guerrilla marketing books? You better believe that’s a strong brand!

guerrilla marketing book covers

Note: Notice anything else about the guerrilla marketing books? They all use a common theme of combat fatigue print in their covers … another way you can communicate branding with your cover!

The Table of Contents
The content of your book, as reflected in your table of contents, also helps build your brand. It does this not only with the topics you cover, but how your phrase the topics you cover. Is your brand humorous? Then your chapter titles should make people smirk!

The Back Cover
If you don’t want your mug on the front cover, at least put it on the back. The back cover is also an excellent place to put a strategically written bio that positions you as a go-to resource.


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