Article Marketing for Nonfiction Authors

by | Feb 11, 2011 | Marketing & Selling

Article marketing is practically custom made for non-fiction writers and authors. There are so many things you can write about that will promote your work. Here are three:

Article Marketing for Nonfiction Authors
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Are you an expert on a specific topic?
Many authors and writers focus on one topic, such as dating, dog training, genomics, etc. Then it should be pretty easy to find things to write about. Do so keyword research on what terms are being used to find information like yours and write articles focused on those keywords.

Do you have a book out?
Take each chapter of your book and spin-off 3-5 articles. Basically, you’re excerpting pieces of your book and expanding on them a little. I did this with my book, Home Sweet Home Page, and have been generating traffic from those articles ever since.

Do you cover more than one topic?
This is a situation that many writers find themselves in. The best way to handle this is to compartmentalize the various topics into either separate buckets on your main website or develop separate websites for each major topic. Then you just follow the advice in the first idea and have your resource box point to the appropriate bucket page or website.


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