Article Marketing for Novelists

by | Feb 14, 2011 | Marketing & Selling

article marketing for novelists
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When people fire up their favorite search engine and start looking for stuff on the Internet, they are more than likely looking for information. They are researching a topic, a product or a service. So how can fiction authors grab a piece of that traffic with article marketing?

Did you conduct research to ground your novel in reality?
People are are researching that information might also be interested in reading a novel is related. So write articles based on the research you did and point them to your novel’s website.

For example, I did a podcast with Ben Paris, the author of Wade of Aquitane. This novel is set in medieval Europe and includes a character who has synesthesia. Paris could easily use article marketing to help drive traffic to his book’s website by publishing articles on medieval Europe and synesthesia.

I don’t think its all that much of stretch that people interested in that time period might also be interested in fictional tales set in that time. Also, I think that people with synesthesia and their loved ones might get a kick out of reading a novel that featured a hero with the same condition.

Is your novel based on the extrapolation of something going on or in existence today?
Science fiction authors often have a background or interest in science or science writing. If your story revolves around the potentials latent in today’s technology, culture or emerging trend, articles on those topics could drive interested buyers to your books’ website.

For example, another author I’ve interviewed, Frank Fiore, has written a novel based on artificial intelligence and has done quite a bit of research on the topic. He could easily translate much of that research into articles that could drive potential readers of his book Cyberkill to his website.

Another book that recently arrived in my mailbox for review is set in a world where water is scarce. The press release that accompanied the book mentions several statistics about the current water crisis. Again, the author could easily write articles about the dearth of fresh water, the potential for water disputes, and other water-shortage issues to drive traffic to his book’s website. (In case you’re curious, the book is Cameron Stracher’s The Water Wars.)

In short, you want to look at the underlying theme of your book and see if there are some non-fiction articles you can write about that theme that would attract potential readers. Beyond that, you can use the alternatives I discussed in an earlier post, Alternative Types of Article Marketing for Creative Professionals.

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