Are you hiding behind your fear?

by | Jul 23, 2012 | Mindset

This weekend, while journaling through some thoughts about why I’m not moving forward in my business in a manner I think I should be, I experienced a “Conversations with God” type of moment. And the insights that emerged for me I think could help you, as well.


In the “conversation” that follows I’ll refer to “God”‘s portion of the dialogue as HP for Higher Power, because I don’t know who I was talking to … just that it was “bigger” than me and full of love.

Me: God, please help me get to the root of this so I can move forward and walk the path I was meant to walk. Yes, I realize this struggle is a part of that path, but aren’t I a little stuck and behind schedule?

HP: Yes and no. There is no true timetable in divine mind. All things that are meant to come to pass will come to pass. And you will play your role in it.

Me: That sounds ominous and scary.

HP: It is only scary because you resist. You try to control the outcome and the path to that outcome. Let go. Let things flow and the fear loses its power.

Me: How do I let go of resistance? I try to breathe through it, but it doesn’t go away.

HP: Relax. Focus on something else that is positive for a moment. Let the fear and resistance catch up to you. Stop running. Look the resistance in the eye and say, “I love you.”

Me: Why does that idea terrify me?

HP: Because you fear the unknown. Because you fear that what you resist can hurt you. But when you are like water, nothing can hurt you … it can only divert you temporarily or show you another path you can take.

water flows
The imagery of water has been coming up a lot for me lately and I think it is a very good mental model to follow.

  • Water can be soft, receptive and comforting, but still able to be strong, hard and dangerous. It all depends on how quickly you approach it. Step into the lake and it welcomes you. Throw yourself at it from too high a spot and it can crush bones. Same lake, different experiences.
  • Water is patient. The Grand Canyon was once a creek.
  • Water doesn’t try to bulldoze its way through an obstacle in its path. It flows around it, eventually moving it out of its way, changing paths or absorbing it into its stream.

When you are like water, you don’t rail against the things that go wrong. You accept what is, give thanks and love to the experience, and grow and evolve to better achieve the task at hand as you move forward.

When you are like water, your feathers may be ruffled momentarily, like the white, frothing water that moves over the rocks, but you regain your composure and move forward anyway.

When you are like water, you understand that fearlessness is not a matter of being devoid of fear. You understand that you can feel the fear and move forward anyway.

So I ask you, are you not achieving the success you want to achieve because you are holding yourself back? Are you letting fear or guilt or even humility stop you from being the wonderful, powerful, truly transformational entrepreneur you were born to be?

Why not try journal conversing with your “higher power”? You may be pleasantly surprised by the insights and love you experience. And please feel free to share those insights you think might benefit others, like I did above, below in the the comment box.

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