5 Steps to a Winning Continuity Program

by | Oct 30, 2009 | Creating Products

One of the most common back-end marketing products is a continuity program. A customer buys something and they are enrolled in a “club” or “membership” which provides them with ongoing benefits for a monthly fee. But, to have this method work, you need to have a continuity program that provides real value to real people.

According to Daniel Hall, you just need to follow these five steps and you’ll be able to create a one that will not only provide regular income, but can also support a lifestyle you actually want to live.

Step 1: Examine your interests.
A continuity program is not something you create lightly. You’ll be more successful and able to keep it going for the long haul if it is based on something you are actually interested in and passionate about. Also, if it is based on something you are good at, that helps.

Step 2: Find a hungry audience.
Now take your list of interests, passions and expertise and do the research to find out if there is a hungry audience for what you have to offer. Do some key word research. Search phrases that are three or more words long and are searched for between 50 and 100 times a day are more likely to have buyers searching than just researchers.

Step 3: Determine the model you want to use.
There are several different types of continuity programs you can have:

  • membership site
  • fixed-term membership site
  • coaching program
  • association or club

And several other variations on the theme. Which one will work best for what you want to offer and the audience you want to offer it to?

Step 4: Set up the platform to make it work.
You can use protected directories, a membership plugin for WordPress, and autoresponder service, or just a monthly mailing list. What ever systems and/or technology you need to make your model work, set that up.

Step 5: Market, market, market.
No one will join your program if they don’t know it exists. So you’ll have to continuously market the program to keep up membership.


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