You are your wealth

by | Mar 3, 2015 | Mindset

"You are your wealth" ~ Chris Howard

Image Source: Screen capture from Chris Howard’s video

“You are your wealth.”
~ Chris Howard

The other day I saw this interesting video by Chris Howard, one of the teachers I follow, and I was really struck by this statement.

If you are your wealth, then it matters not what circumstances you find yourself in — you can be wealthy. Of course, this means you need to be clear on your definition of what wealth is. For some it may be an amount of money in the bank. For others it will be the amount of quality time they spend with loved ones. And for others, it is something else entirely.

Then, as I mentioned in Friday’s post, you need to give what you’ve got going now some lovin’. What you focus on expands, so work on expanding what you like about where you are right now.

YOU are your wealth. You are the common denominator in everything that happens around you. You choose to see opportunities or challenges.

As Chris mentions in his video, embedded here, you need to cultivate your “wealth consciousness” before the actual wealth shows up. Ponder that for a moment and please share your thoughts in the comment box below!


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