Why You Should Plan Ahead for the New Year

by | Nov 16, 2009 | Planning Your Business, Taking Action

O.K. We’re already into the third week of my discussing different ways for you to create a plan for your business in 2010. But do you know why you should be doing this?

By writing down your plan for the new year, you are setting down your goals and intentions for your business next year. By setting goals, in writing, you can:

  • Achieve more in less time:
    You won’t have to waste your time thinking about what you should do … you’ll already know!
  • Improve your overall performance:
    Time wasters will be reduced and you’ll be able to focus on what needs to get done.
  • Increase your motivation to achieve your goals:
    Having a game plan can be motivational … as you tick those accomplishments off, you’ll build momentum toward your goal.
  • Increase your pride and satisfaction in your achievements:
    Now you’ll have your accomplishments outlined in writing … now you can say, “I did that!”
  • Improve your self-confidence:
    Accomplishing what you set out to do has a way of bolstering your confidence.

In addition to all that, people who use goal-setting effectively:

  • suffer less from stress and anxiety
  • concentrate and focus better
  • show more self-confidence
  • perform better in all areas of life
  • are happier and more satisfied with life

I know you want to be successful in your business … otherwise you wouldn’t be spending your time here reading my blog. So set aside some time and create your business and marketing plan for 2010 now … before the holidays get too hectic. Then you can sit back, enjoy the end-of-year festivities and be ready to hit the ground running come January 1.

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