Goal Setting – Do These/Avoid Those

by | Nov 18, 2009 | Planning Your Business

When creating your game plan for the new year and writing down your goals for 2010, you’ll want to keep these “Do this/Avoid That” guidelines.


  • Visualize your desired outcome
  • Write down your course of action in an easy step-by-step format that can be checked off with each accomplishment
  • Think positively
  • Surround yourself with motivating factors and keep them in easy-to-spot locations
  • Set your plan of action as soon as you know what you want and take action right away
  • Be realistic in setting your goals
  • Be specific in the goals you choose
  • Learn to be organized in your thinking
  • Make an effort to keep track of all of your achievements
  • Share your achievements with those around you


  • Going into your goal with a defeatist attitude
  • Trying to memorize all of the steps (that’s why you write it down!)
  • Letting yourself be overcome with the negatives or setbacks
  • Forgetting the reason why you have set up your plan in the first place
  • Procrastinating taking action
  • Being over-ambitious in your goals (make them realistic)
  • Setting goals that are too vague
  • Letting silly things stand in the way of achieving your goals
  • Downplaying your achievements
  • Letting yourself get off track


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