Are you waiting for life to happen?

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Mindset, Video, Weekday Wisdom

Weekday Wisdom, Episode 36

Are you waiting for life to happen? Or are you making it happen? That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s Weekday Wisdom.

Are you waiting for life to happen?
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Today I want to talk about fate versus destiny and this quote by William Jennings Bryan, an American orator and politician.

“Destiny is not a matter of chance;
it is a matter of choice.
It is not a thing to be waited for;
it is a thing to be achieved.”

Now here are my thoughts on destiny versus fate. And you can agree with me or not, it doesn’t matter. There’s an underlying point I’m trying to get to here.

The way I look at it is fate is: This is supposed to happen. Then this is supposed to happen. Then this is supposed to happen. And it is very malleable. If you change your direction at any given moment, what was fated if you had continued on that path is no longer fated. You can change your fate.

On the other hand, I believe destiny is more of an overarching theme for your life. You might be destined for greatness, or fame, or to be compassionate support for others — basically, it is some overarching theme. And, there are lots of different ways you can achieve that overarching destiny or theme.

I think, in most cases, we automatically fulfill our destiny to some degree. Sometimes to a lesser degree; sometimes to a greater degree. However, if you are mindful about your destiny — that means you’re listening to your inner calling, you’re following your intuitive nudges, or you’re listening to what God the Creator is trying to pull you toward — then you’re going to fulfill your destiny to a greater degree.

There are some people, who I’ve talked to, who said, “You know this is what my life is supposed to be, but I don’t want to do that.” And so they chose not to fulfill their destiny. But at least it was a conscious choice.

My challenge for you today is this:

  • Are you being mindful of what your destiny is?
  • Are you choosing to fulfill it?
  • Are you choosing not to fulfill it?
  • Or are you just allowing your life to be buffeted around by the prevailing winds?

Which kind of hearkens back to what I talked about yesterday. If your comfort zone is controlling how you live your life, then more than likely you’re not fulfilling your destiny. Because destiny stretches us to become more, to step into our full potential. And that is a tall order.

Don’t box yourself in.
Spread your wings and fly.
Because you — yes you — are capable of more than you know.

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