Expand Your Comfort Zone

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Mindset, Taking Action, Video, Weekday Wisdom

Weekday Wisdom, Episode 35

Does your comfort zone have more control over your life than your dreams? That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s Weekday Wisdom.

Does your comfort zone control your life?
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Today I’d like to discuss a quote from Peter McWilliams, a self-help author who said,

“To the degree we’re not living our dreams
our comfort zone has more control of us than we have over ourselves.”

When I read this quote I really thought about where I am in my life, where people I love are in their lives, and how many of us are living lives of quiet desperation because we are afraid to go for our dreams.

Now I’ve gone more toward my dreams than a lot of people have, and yet fear still holds me back. Sometimes I sit there and I wallow in my comfort zone because it’s comfortable. That’s why it’s called a comfort zone! And the thing is, I’m also a really big thinker, so I have these big, bombastic dreams. And I’m not getting any younger, and they don’t seem to be getting much closer.

So, I really get how being in your comfort zone can be a trap. It’s something that holds us where we are.

I challenge you: What are your dreams? And what is one step, one baby step, that you can take, maybe today, maybe this week, no later than this month, to move you even just a moment out of your comfort zone and toward your dreams?

Pushing yourself that little bit, that little bit, that little bit, each and every day, week, or month, will get you closer to your dreams and it will expand your comfort zone. Think about it: The comfort zone you had at 5-years-old was much smaller than a comfort zone you have right now.

You challenge yourself whenever you take on a new job, whenever you go to a new school, whenever you go to a seminar, and whenever you read a new book. These are all things that grow your comfort zone. But the greatest growth of your comfort zone happens when you take actions toward your dreams.

You were given dreams, you came up with dreams because that is a part of your calling, a part of your path, a part of your journey in this life. Take the challenge. Move towards your dreams and don’t let your comfort zone control you.

Don’t box yourself in.
Spread your wings and fly.
Because you — yes you — are capable of more than you know.

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