Using Online PR to Market Your Book

by | Apr 29, 2011 | Marketing & Selling

There are two ways you can use online public relations (PR) to market your book: actively and passively.

Active Public Relations
Now that so many people in the media use the Internet to find and research stories, it has become easier for authors without big marketing budgets to catch the eye of the press. Yes, it does take time and effort, but it can be done and it can be successful. Here are some things you can do:

  • Write press releases and post them on online press release sites. This does two things for you — potentially helps the media find you and adds to your websites off-page search engine optimization. However, be aware that this is not a sure-bet way to be press coverage. It just helps.
  • Get the emails of reporters who cover your topic and send them a customized pitch letter. This takes a lot of thought and time, but when done correctly can really get you some good press. Be helpful, polite and on target. Don’t sent emails to reporters that would have no interest in your proposed story.

Passive Public Relations
Once the media has found you, make it easy for them to do the story. You can do this by creating an easy to use media room on your website. You can see what I’ve done for my book here:

The most important things to include in your media room are:

  • A bio
  • Potential questions and story angles
  • Images of you and your book
  • Contact information

You’d be surprised how many people forget that last bullet!

Another passive PR activity is just making sure that you’re visible on the web in the first place. These are all the activities you’ve been doing to catch the eye of readers and clients … they work just as well at catching the eye of the media, too.

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