Creative Professionals: Improve Your Business Image

by | May 1, 2011 | Creativity, Marketing & Selling

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May is International Business Image Improvement Month. It is also the month I’m going to be devoting my blog posts to online marketing for creative professionals. And I think the two topics go together well, don’t you?

Many creative professionals are so tied into the creative aspect of their business, they don’t pay much attention to their marketing and branding. In fact, many fail to create one in the first place.

But those creative professionals who do pay attention to branding and marketing … no matter what you may think of their talent … tend to be much more successful financially.

For example, take Thomas Kinkade, “the Painter of Light.” Personally, his artwork does nothing for me. It seems devoid of emotion, which is what I like in my art. But, his work sells and it sells a lot. It adorns calendars, coffee mugs, reconstituted posters and more. Most people recognize his brand tag line. He has been an excellent marketer of his work.

Another creative professional with marketing savvy is Gene Simmons, rock bassist, singer, songwriter, musician, actor and business man. The reason there is so much KISS merchandise available is pretty much because of Simmons.

This brings me to the adage, it is easier to sell mediocre products with great marketing than it is great products with mediocre marketing. Of course, it is even easier to sell great products with great marketing!

So, is it time to give your creative business an image makeover? Or maybe give it an image in the first place?

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