Carma on the Let’s Get Tender Podcast

LET’S GET TENDER: Money Conversations That Matter is Marlene Elizabeth podcast featuring rich money conversations with creative, passionate, entrepreneurial guests who share their inner challenges, personal triumphs and inside tips and strategies so you can stop...
How do you define your worth? Part 2

How do you define your worth? Part 2

To help people engage with the concepts in his book, Pay Me What I’m Worth, Soul Dancer has created an intriguing quiz based on the what previous students have expressed while going through the book and his programs based on the book. As part of my personal Pay...

5 Ways to Get Intimate with Your Money

This article was scheduled to go out tomorrow, but I’m running a bit behind in my Pay Me What I’m Worth series and am using this extra day to make the post its best. I came across this article a few days ago and was struck how well it fits in with my Money...

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