Where to host a book launch party?

Yesterday I was talking with a client of mine who is launching a book set in the 1970s. She found a store that is all about the ’70s and is now in discussions to host a book launch party there. This got me to thinking about all the various places that you could...

Online Book Marketing: Book Launch Party

There are so many ways to hold a book launch party, that this post couldn’t possibly cover them all. So I’m going to focus on how to create a fun online launch party, much like I did for my book, Home Sweet Home Page. First, think about what a traditional...
Make Your Book Launch Party Unique

Make Your Book Launch Party Unique

Some Ideas for a Creative Book Launch Party Throwing a book launch party is a great way to start off a book promotion campaign. It helps you spread the word, helps foster your “celebrity” standing, and it can provide a great press hook so you get mentioned in the...

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