Summer Time Dreams

by | Jun 1, 2010 | Mindset

hooray for summer
When I was kid, I totally looked forward to the summer. It was a time to play … even in summer school! One year I took guitar … it hurt my fingers but I did learn to play “The Yellow Rose of Texas.” Another year I took macrame and created all sorts of plant holders, key chains and bracelets. And yet another year I took theater production and helped create the sets for a stage adaptation of The Point.

In the spirit of summers past, I’m re-inventing myself and my business. I’m currently moving into a temporary apartment and then will be moving to Los Angeles to follow my dreams, one of which is to grow The Genre Traveler into the best travel resource for science fiction, fantasy and horror fans, maybe even get a TV show version on the SyFy channel. I’m going through Marilyn Jenett’s I Create My Body program and have already lost 27 pounds! And I’m focusing my chosen audience even tighter than before. Here’s my statement about what I do:

“I help creative professionals cultivate a thriving online presence
that supports their career and business goals.”

Many small business owners think of summer time as the “summer slump,” which by the way is a term borrowed from cattle raising — it was the time that the grass growth slowed and feeding your cows got a bit more challenging.

Now, on the one hand, many businesses have their highest point during the summer. Others, not so much. So, if you find yourself with a little more time on your hands during these “lazy days of summer,” I recommend you make the most of it and use the time to “play” with your business.

I’m sure there are areas where you could find tune, prune, spruce up or otherwise improve your business. Use this time to do just that. You might be surprised at how much fun it can be. In no time, you’ll be looking forward to summer time just like I did when I was a kid.

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