Steps for Article Marketing Planning

by | Feb 2, 2011 | Marketing & Selling

article marketing plan
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To really make the most of article marketing, you need to be strategic. And in order to be strategic, you need to create a workable plan. Here are some suggestions inspired by goal planning steps from If Success Is a Game, These Are the Rules: Ten Rules for a Fulfilling Life by Cherie Carter-Scott Ph.D.:

1) Research what kinds of information your target market and ideal clients are searching for online.
You can use keyword tools such as Google’s search-based keyword tool or the one I use at SEO Book. You can also use However you do this research, what you’ll end up with is a list of topics and article ideas that you can write about from your expert knowledge and perspective.

2) Find the topic, idea or keyword phrase that jumps out at you and write as many 300-500 word articles about it as you can.
If nothing jumps out at you, dig a little deeper and select the one that will give you the most traffic with the least (or at least a reasonable) amount of competition.

3) Post article online.
You can post them on, your blog or even offer them up as guest posts on someone else’s blog. Just get them out there in the way that will give them the best visibility and provide you with the best expertise status support.

4) Celebrate your achievement!
Large or small, you’ve just done something wonderful for your business. So do a happy dance, take a break and watch a movie on TV, go to lunch with a friend … do something that makes you feel like you’ve just achieved something wonderful. You have!

5) Keep on going.
To work effectively, you need to be consistent and persistent. The more articles on the Web with your by line that point toward your website, the better. Fill your blog … post two or three times a week. Become a valued guest blogger. Build a library of excellent content on This will build your online presence and help establish you as an expert in your topic.

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