What To Do About Obstacles

by | Feb 3, 2011 | Mindset

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Earlier this week, I talked a bit about expecting success and planting the seeds for that success. And I realize that as we all work toward our goals, we will, occasionally, come across bumps or obstacles in our path.

Leonardo da Vinci wrote this about obstacles: “Every obstacle is destroyed through vigor.”

When we come across obstacles in our path, there are three ways we can react:

1. Give up.
Obviously this reaction is not going to get you closer to your goals, so I won’t discuss it further.

2. Do as da Vinci suggests and vigorously work on removing that obstacle.
Some obstacles need to be removed. For example, if your obstacle is a lack of information, you need to do the research to find that information. So, da Vinci has some really good advices for creative professionals here.

But there is a third option that I don’t think many people consider, and it is this:

3. Bypass the obstacle.
I don’t believe you need to expend energy destroying every obstacle in your path. Sometimes you should be like water and flow around your obstacle.

There are often more paths to your goal than the one you are currently on. If one path is obstructed, sometimes it is wiser to find another path instead of insisting on this current path and putting all your efforts into destroying the obstacle.


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