Print Article Marketing

by | Aug 13, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

print article marketing
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If you are a good enough writer, getting your articles published in print publications can be a real effective technique for increasing visibility and perceived expert status.

Small Local Newspaper
Is there a newspaper where you live that caters to your target market? You can propose writing a column for them on your topic of expertise. Of course, this only works for certain types of content and its success greatly depends on the type of people who read the publication.

Local Magazine
Many towns have a glossy magazine that goes to the local affluent market or business market. If these are the types of people you serve, then getting a regular column in that magazine could work well for you. A client of mine had a column in the local monthly style magazine that definitely increased her perceived expertise status.

Trade Publications
If your topic of expertise can help people in a specific industry, try getting an article or two … or even a column … in a regional or national trade magazine for that industry. These can be newspapers, magazine or even tabloids.

National Newspapers and Magazines
These are harder to get into, but if you build a portfolio of content from the types of publications I mention above, you can greatly increase your success in landing one of these coveted spots. And, even if you can’t get a column, a single article can still be a nice feature in your self-promotional hat.

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