Online Marketing for Crafting Professionals

by | May 16, 2011 | Marketing & Selling

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If you are an artisan or crafts person, there are lots of ways that you can use online marketing to sell more of your work, regardless if they are earrings, tea cozies or whimsical holiday decorations.

For one, there is a very clear target market for crafts, and they tend to hang out online in specific areas. So, find out your particular craft niche and find out where they hang out.

For example, if you sell crocheted doilies, you’ll want to find out where people who enjoy and buy crochet hang out.

If you sell, handmade gemstone earrings, you’ll want to find out where people who enjoy and purchase unique earrings hang out.

If you sell hand-crafte Christmas ornaments, you’ll want to find out where Christmas collectables enthusiast hang out.

Get the picture?

When I say where they hang out, I’m talking about a wide variety of places:

  • Organizations and associations
  • Online forums
  • Social media websites
  • Magazine websites

You want your work to be showcased and and visible wherever your target market might be able to find them. Interact with them in forums and social media. Comment on blogs, magazine sites and so forth.

In addition to all this, you’ll want a home on the web … a dedicated website or blogsite. That way you can link to this website in your signature as you interact online line. You also have someplace to send people when you us other online marketing techniques, such as:

  • Article marketing
  • Online advertising (Google or Facebook)
  • Squidoo marketing
  • Video marketing

The online marketing world, really is your oyster. Revel in it … but be strategic. Read some of my earlier posts to get a better idea of the techniques you can use. Here are some suggested posts:


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