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by | Feb 28, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

In December, I launched the website for my new book Home Sweet Home Page and started a simple campaign rooted in article marketing that has taken my website from an Alexa ranking of 1,970,427 on Dec. 23, to 446,678 as of Feb. 28.

How did I do this?

Well, let me share:

Step One: Write an article.
First I took my book and came up with several topics for articles based on its content. I started with knowing your Website’s target market and wrote this article: Home Page Design – Know Your Website’s Target Market.

Step Two: Create an audio version of the article and post to
About a week or two after the article went live, I created an audio version of it using I added some music and posted it to my AssociatedContent account.

Once it was live, I added a link to it on my website.

NOTE: AssociatedContent is no longer active. However you can do the same thing an post it to another audio sharing or podcasting site, such as Spreaker.

Step Three: Create a video version of the article and post it to
While I was creating an audio version, it wasn’t that much more work to import it into iMovie, add a few pertinent images and create a video version of the article. You can watch the video version here:

Once it was live, I added a link to it on my website.

There you have the basics.

But the point of this article is this:
Did you see how I took one article and created three different ways for people to access the information in that article? You can do this, too, broadening your article’s reach and SEO benefits.


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