Bells and Whistles: Do They Serve You?

by | Feb 26, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

The second deadly mistake of home page design is an unprofessional first impression. Many times, this can include improper use of the bells and whistles that online media can offer:

  • Flash animation
  • Automatic music playing
  • Video

and more.

I’m not saying that if you use these things, your website is automatically unprofessional. In fact, when use properly, these things can actually enhance the professionalism of your website.

But the key phrase here is, “when used properly.”

Before you add that fancy bit of flash animation, music or video, ask yourself this:

Does the use of this technology serve the purpose of your website?

Will this bit of flash or music or video improve conversion rates? Will it make your website more attractive to your target market? The answer is not always, “yes.”

So, before you start adding bells and whistles to your website, make sure you understand what your target market wants and expects from a website like yours and what the purpose of your website is.

home sweet home page
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