Marketing Your Info Product 4 – Joint Venture Marketing

by | Jan 27, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

Using joint ventures to grow your business and sell more products is probably one of the best strategies available. At its most basic form, a joint venture is where two businesses come together to promote something where both gain something in return.

Typical joint ventures used to help entrepreneurs grow their list and sell more products include:

Affiliate Program
Business A produces a product or service. Business B promotes that product or service for a commission. Although a time-tested joint venture, this is probably not where you should start out if you want to sell more products. Affiliates usually don’t want to promote something unless they know it sells well, and so you might be hard-pressed to get affiliate to promote your untested information product.

Joint Venture Teleseminars
Business A provides valuable content about their product. Business B hosts a teleseminar to promote that product for either list-building or affiliate commission benefits. This is a very good way for newer information product creators to spread the word and gain exposure to new audiences.

Joint Products or Services
Business A and B create a product or service together and promote it for a split of the profits. Although this is more common when both business owners are established, if you have a great idea there is nothing to stop you from proposing it to a more established business.

Combination Joint Ventures
There are some joint ventures that take aspects from any of the above and combine them into something new. Be creative and come up with your own win-win-win joint venture.

The key to getting a joint venture partner on board is to provide a benefit your potential joint venture partner wants. This could be any of a number of things:

  • Increase visibility
  • Grow their list
  • Make affiliate income
  • Provide excellent content for their followers and subscribers

When approaching your JV partner, make sure that you emphasize what’s in it for them … not you.


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