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by | May 25, 2011 | Marketing & Selling

marketing poetry
Poetry has never really been an easy sell. People either love poetry or they don’t. They either fancy yours or they don’t. But the Internet actually makes it easier for poets to reach their world-wide fan base. Here are some ideas:

Blog your poetry. I do this over at Put some of your best stuff up on your blog so that when people stop by your website they can get a taste of your artistry.

Create virtual poetry readings. Do you read poetry at an open mic night? Video tape it and post the resulting video on YouTube and Facebook. Got a flip cam? Shoot yourself reading in your living room … in your kitchen … standing on the dining room table … wherever would help communicate the emotion and depth of the poem.

Create audiocasts. Use a conference line system to record yourself reading your poems. You can post them for free as a podcast or even sell them at 50 -99 cents a pop! You could even do both at the same time … let people listen to the poem streaming for free, but download it for a nominal cost.

You can get creative with the last two suggestions and add in a musical soundtrack. You can find all sorts of royalty free music at … that’s what I use and they have a wide selection of styles.

Blog about your process. What inspires you? How do you go about writing a poem? Write about that and post it on your blog. Share the post with your social media network through Twitter and Facebook. The more people know you exist, the more will stop by your website to enjoy and many will also buy collections of your work.

Partner with other artists to cross promote. Invite an artist to paint one of your poems. Write a poem about an artist’s painting. Cross link between your two websites. You could even put on a virtual show of fellow artists all creating art inspired by each others’ art!

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