Book Review: “Get Clients Now!” by C.J. Hayden

by | May 23, 2011 | Marketing & Selling, Reviews

Get Clients Now book review
Get Clients Now!
By: C.J. Hayden
This review is of the second edition.
Available through Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. You can find it at other fine online and offline booksellers, as well.

Summary of Get Clients Now!

Get Clients Now! by C.J. Hayden promises to walk the reader through a 28-day plan to improve his or her lead generation and marketing plan. Using a cookbook analogy, the book breaks down the sales process into four basic parts:

  • Filling the pipeline (getting prospects),
  • Following up (keeping in touch with current and past prospects and clients),
  • Getting presentations (getting the chance to pitch your services to a prospect), and
  • Closing sales.

In addition, it organizes the various strategies you can use into six basic areas: direct contact and follow-up; networking and referral building; public speaking; writing and publicity; promotional events; and advertising.

My Thoughts of Get Clients Now!

At first, while reading through the book I got a little confused by what I was supposed to be doing and when, but that became clear as I continued reading. So don’t be discouraged … she’ll pull it all together eventually. I recommend reading through the first six strategies before trying to pull together your 28-day plan.

The book is full of sidebars where professionals who have used this system talk about their experiences, as well as teachers of this system providing inspiration and tips. The text is very easy to read and understand. However, sometimes the “figures” — because they can be more than one page long and use the same look and feel as the body of the book — are a little confusing.

What I’d Like to See in a Next Edition

I would love to see some sample 28-day plans laid out. This could either be in the book or offered as a downloadable bonus. I think seeing how you can pull all these techniques together into the promised 28-day plan would be helpful, especially since this is a mix and match system.


Overall, I’d recommend this book if you are a coach, consultant or other type of service provider whose business depends on lead-generation.

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