Growth Mindset: How to Cultivate One

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There are two kinds of mindset you can have. One will make your life easier and more effective, the other one won’t. These two mindsets are Growth and Fixed.

Growth Mindset: How to Cultivate One

Growth Mindset: How to Cultivate One

A Growth Mindset

Someone with a growth mindset takes on challenges as a way to expand and grow. He believes that there is room for hard work, learning and achieving.

A Fixed Mindset

Someone with a fixed mindset, however, especially in the area of academics, intelligence, and study, believes that things are what they are or that the status of things is fixed, unchangeable and with no room for growth or potential.

How to Gain a Growth Mindset

As you can see, having a fixed mindset limits the possibilities of your life and can even give you a very negative outlook. So how do you cultivate a growth mindset? Here are some tips:

Exercise Your Way to a Growth Mindset

When you exercise your brain, you give this “muscle” a chance to grow and expand over time. If you want to gain a growth mindset, you need to take on new, challenging things. Once your brain sees that it can overcome challenges, taking on more challenges becomes easier over time. Once your mind recognizes you are taking on something new, you many notices your fear easing off and new things will be placed in the part of your brain compartmentalized as something not to be feared.

Get to Work

If you have a certain learning capacity and accept that this is your limit, then that will be your limit. However, if you make an effort to learn more, really put in the effort, you will begin to notice a shift. You will begin to challenge your own status quo.

The more you work, the more results and rewards you will see. You will shift your mindset and understand that the more effort you put in, the more results you will get out. It doesn’t have to stop at a certain static place. You can put in more effort, and you can achieve different results.

Stretch Yourself

Have you ever heard a point of view or a perception that was astonishing and bold? Do you sometimes see how other people set the bar a bit higher, try new things, and put in a bit of effort? Just because you have to work at something, does not mean you cannot be more successful at it. Take some time to examine a certain area of your life and see if you can think outside of your accustomed box, enter into new territories, and achieve higher goals.

After all, anyone who has made a medical breakthrough or achieved a higher goal has probably done so by working more, trying new things, and stretching way outside of their comfort zone.

And you can too.


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