Five qualities that attract success

by | Jan 10, 2014 | Entrepreneurship, Self Discovey, Taking Action

attract successThere are five qualities that most, if not all, successful people have. Whether it is these qualities that attract success or that success engenders these qualities, I can’t say for sure. But often, by modeling success you become successful … so it can’t hurt to nurture these things in yourself.

1. Passion

Successful people enjoy what they do. Is their work their number one passion? Not always, but they are definitely not building careers that they hate, dislike, or can’t stand doing. Successful people have a knack for finding the fun and passion in their chosen line of work.


How can you cultivate a passion for what you do in your business?

2. Vision of Success

Successful people expect success. They know that being successful is their right and they shoot for it until they get it. They see setbacks as educational opportunities. They “fail forward.” They believe that if they keep on keeping on, they will get where they want to go eventually.


Do you know what success looks like for you? Write it down, in as detailed a fashion as you can.

3. Action Plan

If you fail to plan, you are essentially planning to fail. Successful people have a plan and they work that plan. They are also flexible and will fine-tune their plan as they move forward.


Do you have a plan for achieving your goals? Do you have a business and marketing plan — written down? If not, write one out now. If you need help, check out the business planning posts on this site.

4. Tenacious

Successful people don’t give up. They work toward their goals tirelessly … sometimes even stubbornly. That said, they know when to re-evaluate their current plan of action and goals. In other words, they don’t throw in the towel unless that is the most strategically smart option.


Are you committed to your goals? If not, why? Do you need different goals? Do you need to re-define your goals?

5. Positive Environment

Successful people associate with positive, “can-do” people. They surround themselves with positive environments. They cultivate positivity in all areas of their lives. They read uplifting and self-improvement books. They attend workshops and seminars that help them improve their knowledge. They are protective of their mindset.


Who do you hang out with the most? Are these people Tiggers (positive & upbeat) or Eyeores (negative and complain-y)? What do you read? What do you watch on TV? What media are you filling up your time with? Is it uplifting or oppressive? Find ways to clean out the negativity in your environment.


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