Power Thought: Where’s your intersection between passion and success?

by | Jan 8, 2014 | Power Thoughts, Self Discovey

Richard Levy
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“Success can be found in many ways, but when you follow your passion, success and abundance come naturally to you.”
~ Richard Levy, www.thoughtsmakeyouwealthy.com

What this quotes means to business:
We are all born with gifts we are meant to give to the world. Those gifts include natural tendencies, talents and skills we are drawn to develop. When we create careers and businesses based on those inborn passions, those activities that fill our hearts and souls, we are more likely to be successful than when we resist our inclinations.

The “live your passions” movement isn’t new. Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls,” at least 30 years ago. And I know the concept was there before even that.

What I’ve found interesting is the growing trend of coaches who are helping people develop businesses based on their passions … strategically. This seems to be a natural evolution of the concept.

Strategy is key. You have to find the place where what you love to do intersects with what people are willing to pay you to do. You may love jumping on a trampoline, but until you can find someone willing to pay you to do that, following your passion could leave you very unhappy.

The intersection is the sweet spot. Where is the sweet spot for you? What can you do for others that:

  • You love to do
  • Others want to receive
  • Doing this activity for money won’t sap the joy out of the activity

Finding that intersection isn’t always obvious. Passion is a tricky thing to follow. It can take you down false starts, dead ends and blind alleys. But it can also take you to the best place in the entire Universe for you.

Additional Resources
In writing this post, I found a number of articles on the web that I think will help deepen your understanding of this concept:

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Five days a week I receive two “Universal Laws” emails to inspire me. Today’s quote was pulled from one of the email messages I receive from Thoughts Make You Wealthy. Richard Levy also wrote a book by the same name, which you can purchase on Amazon.com.

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