Evaluating Potential Joint Venture Partners: 5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Accepting an Offer

by | Feb 3, 2009 | Marketing & Selling

Just because someone asks you to partner with them, doesn’t mean you have to say yes. You should keep these questions in mind when evaluating potential joint venture partners.

  • Would your subscribers be interested in their offerings?
    You don’t want to promote things to your list that they would not be interested in. This will just cause them to unsubscribe.
  • Would their subscribers be interested in your offerings?
    Not only would you be doing a disservice to the person offering the joint venture, but you wouldn’t get anything out of it either.
  • Does the JV proposal benefit everyone involved?
    The best joint venture grow both businesses and serve the prospects, clients and customers of both.
  • Do you have time to meet your obligations in the partnership?
    You don’t want to be so rushed to get things done, that you do them poorly. Worse, you don’t want this partnership to cause you to screw up anything in your business, either.
  • Does the proposed timing fit with your current schedule?
    You don’t want to “fatigue” your list with too many offers in too short a time.

If you take your answers to these five questions in mind when evaluating a proposed joint venture, you’ll make better decisions for both your business and theirs! Not only that, but these questions can help you develop better joint venture proposals, as well.


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