Day 26: Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

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As you should know by now, yesterday was my birthday and I celebrated it by spending the day on Catalina Island. I hiked for four hours (mostly up hill). I took a ride on a glass bottom boat. I shot two videos for my business (I was inspired). I had a fantabulous free meal at the Buffalo Nickel. I had a great time!

The best Highlight of the day was seeing one of Catalina Island’s foxes (Urocyon littoralis). Once close to extinction on the island, conservation efforts have raised the island’s population to about 1,500 animals. Although this is the largest population the island has had in a very long time, it is still uncommon to see one.

I saw it while hiking the Garden to Sky trail … 1.2 miles of up-hill, mostly in the hot sun. There were so many times I thought of giving up on the hike. It was hot. I was tired. And my ankle was hurting. But seeing that fox made it all worthwhile!

I started walking around 10am in the morning and finally returned to Avalon and caught a shuttle to the Buffalo Nickel for lunch around 2pm. I walked, pretty much non-stop for four hours!

Then I bought tickets for the 3:45pm glass bottom boat tour. That was OK. I saw a lot of Garibaldi (they look like giant goldfish), Opal Eye (my boyfriend spears those a lot … very tasty) and, I believe mackerel.

Then I went and got my free ice cream cone and walked to the Casino museum. Unfortunately, although I could have gotten in for free … the place was closing in three minutes. But I chatted with the lady there and learned that a new exhibit about bizarre stuff on the island will be going up on October 11. I love that kind of stuff. My boyfriend and I will be spending a couple of days on the island soon … now I know to book after Oct. 11!

As I wound my way back to the port, I window shopped and then sat down to read while I waited for the boat. My body ached from all the walking, but I felt satisfied that I had a very good experience.

Enjoy pics from the day below.

How did you celebrate you yesterday? Did you do something new? Did you commune with nature? Did enjoy good food? a hobby? time with friends? Share your celebrations, insights and wisdom in a comment below.

Catalina Island Photo Gallery, Aug. 26, 2013


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