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by | May 25, 2012 | Marketing & Selling

I came across this video from Michele Scism the other day and it inspired me. Watch it and then read on.

I particularly liked her tip about creating “video reviews” … I’ve done something similar on my Public Speaking Super Powers blog, critiquing videos of public presentations.

But I think this can be a really good idea when you’re not coming up with content ideas of your own.

Also, it got me to thinking more about an idea I had over the weekend. As you may or may not not, I’m in the process of consolidating my blogs. I’ve already pulled all the content from WordPress ReVamp into this blog and am moving content over from the Women’s Business Gallery and Marketing Turbo Charge blogs. As I’m doing so, I’ve noticed how much of my older content is still relevant. So I’ve decided to get back to creating my “Online Presence” video tips, but I’m going to do it based on content I’ve already written!

This accomplishes several things:

1) It helps me come up with “new” content for this blog
2) It re-purposes content
3) It models something I suggest you do … re-purpose content
4) It makes my content available to a wider audience as I am now addressing the needs of those who prefer audio/visual content to written content
5) It leverages online video to drive traffic to DragonWyze Solutions

So, starting next week, watch out for my new series of Online Presence tips videos coming out on a much more regular basis.


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