Celebrations 2016, Day 1

by | Aug 1, 2016 | 2016 Celebrate You!, Behind the Scenes, Celebrate You!

Carma on morning of Aug. 1, 2016
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Well, I’m off to a rocky start. I’ve been a bit moody lately and so stared the day sleeping in later than I wanted. Then I didn’t accomplish as much at work as I wanted. I got into a tiff with my fiance. Yay me!

That said. Some really good things happened, too. The one that I’m particularly giddy about focuses on my orthodontist.

When my face hit the pavement, breaking my nose and mandible, during my accident in February, one of the results is a rather radically altered mouth. My teeth are so far out of alignment that I can’t eat normally. I can’t bite into anything and my food needs to be soft. On top of that, I lost two teeth in the front of my mouth.

In order to start my orthodontics, two things needed to happen: I needed to get all the dental work completed — I had 12 cavities caused by having my mouth wired shut — and I needed to come up with the down payment. Well, given all the wedding and health expenses, that deposit wasn’t going to be pulled together until late September.

But I’m getting married at the end of October!

I spoke with the orthodontist office today and we negotiated and agreement that allows me to being the orthodontic journey on Monday! I’m very, very happy. I no longer have to worry about having a gap-toothed grin for my wedding pictures.

Now on to today’s exercises.

1. Intention: I will discover, reveal and focus on evidence that I am healing from the accident.

2. Me Being Awesome: I opened myself the to possibility that the orthodontist’s office would be willing to work with me and that we’d come to an agreement that was in the best interests of my health. I put out in the Universe what I wanted and got it!

3. What I love about me:

  • My ears. I’ve always loved their shape and how nice earrings look upon them.
  • My creativity. I not only am very creative, but I express it in a variety of ways — through design, through food, through writing, and more.
  • My intelligence. I figure things out. I know a lot of stuff. And I am able to mash all that stuff together and come up with unique solutions to problems.


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