Celebrate You! 2015 Exercise, Day 9

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Photo © DodgertonSkillhause via MorgueFile.com; Design: Carma Spence

Photo © DodgertonSkillhause via MorgueFile.com; Design: Carma Spence

Wouldn’t you like to receive an appreciation letter?

Have you ever received a letter in the mail that told you how much you were appreciated? Sometimes they come from a friend or relative, sometimes from a fan of your business. If you have, congratulations! It felt really good, didn’t it? If not, no worries … you’ll be getting one soon!

Today’s Journal Exercise:

Write an appreciation letter to yourself. Buy a blank card and write a nice letter to yourself with specific details about why you appreciate you. Put the card in the envelope, address it to yourself and drop it in the mail. In a few days you’ll receive a wonderful note in the mail!

Now journal about how it felt to write that letter, and when you receive it, write about how it felt to receive that letter.

Daily Challenge:
Take a selfie of you with your addressed letter — even better, take a selfie of you dropping it in the mail box — and share that photo with us in the Facebook group. Share in the group and/or in a comment below how it felt to write and send that letter. And be sure to include the hashtag #CelebrateYou.


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