Celebrate You! 2015 Exercise, Day 25

by | Aug 25, 2015 | 2015 Celebrate You!, Behind the Scenes, Celebrate You!

National Waffle Iron Day
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Photo by Max Straeten via MorgueFile.com; Stars background via All-free-download.com; Design: Carma Spence

Wouldn’t you like to create your own National Observance?

Growing up, I always felt that my birthday was my day, a day when everyone in my world celebrated me. As we get older, it doesn’t always feel that way anymore. So today’s exercise is going to help you recapture that feeling.

Today’s Journal Exercise:

Today is Knife Day, Pluto Demoted Day, Vesuvius Day, Wayzgoose Day, William Wilberforce Day and National Waffle Iron Day. If you were to create a national observance day, what would it be? Would you create a day around you? One of your hobbies? A charity you especially like? Something else? Why did you choose that thing to celebrate? What’s so special … or fun … or uniquely you about that day? Journal about your special day.

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Daily Challenge:
Create a graphic for your day. It can be something you create using software, or some paper and glue. If the latter, take a picture of it. Now share your graphic with us in the Facebook group. Feeling bold? Share with us why you created that special day and be sure to include the #CelebrateYou hashtag.


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