The CAP Podcast, Episode 14: The Sales Process

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In this episode of The C.A.P. Podcast, I chat with master sales trainer and coach Jenny K. Campbell about “The Sales Mountain.” This is a seven-step process — represented by the acronym LATISCO — that takes you from lead to sale effectively.

Jenny is a serial entrepreneur and a people connector. She loves to help people and have FUN! She created a 6-figure income in record time in one of the largest travel companies in America and has been its top sales and marketing director in California for the past eight years.

Jenny has been in direct sales for more than 35 years and has earned numerous awards for sales excellence, team building and leadership. She has been trained and mentored by world-renowned leaders and teachers, and has devoted most of her life to mastering the art and science of how to deeply connect with people through impactful communication and decades of networking experience.

Jenny is a an expert at helping entrepreneurs and sales professionals create clear, concise and compelling conversations to close more sales.

To learn more about Jenny, visit

Video Excerpts
This podcast was recorded using Video Skype. Below are portions of the full podcast in video format.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Here’s a summary of what Jenny’s acronym stands for:

L – Leads
A – Appointment
T – Trust and rapport
I – Identify your customer’s needs
S – Share the benefits
C – Close
O – Overcome objections


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